What makes our brand special is the team of people behind it that we like to call our "Farm-ily". Each of us has a unique skill that we bring to the company including a medical background, agricultural degree, artistry, construction, customer service and biology. All of us share a mutual love for the cannabis plant and its ubiquitous qualities ranging from medical to recreational use.

Our growers have over forty-give years combined experience growing, engineering, and producing some of the highest quality cannabis in the state of Washington and we continue to do so with the wide variety of strains we've collected over the years.  We have small town roots, We feel it is important to give back to the community that we live and work in as We try to hire locally and support our local businesses and schools. One of our goals is to eventually provide a community center where families and youth can gather and play in a fun, safe environment . We believe this can be achieved with the love, care and expertise we put into our  craft quality cannabis.

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Our Farm-Ily 

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